Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Saturday Surf" Makes the Etsy Front Page!

Our recent treasury, "Saturday Surf", made the Front Page on yesterday. The treasury was inspired by our wonderful day at the beach this past Saturday. Aaand... it's Shark Week!

We've found a new favorite beach that's located next to an inlet and a giant pier where many spend the day fishing. The small beach areas are flanked by rocks where we can climb and explore, looking for crabs. The ocean was a bit rougher than usual, but the water was clear and sparkling!!! The kids were enjoying hunting for shells along the sand. We even built a sandcastle with them for the first time! But the most interesting thing that happened was when we went into the water a little deeper to swim. Two shadowy shapes passed by us only about 8 feet away. As my husband exclaimed that they must be sharks, we saw one expose it's back out of the water. Yes, shark fins. Although, based on their sizes, they were likely Nurse Sharks. Not typically an aggressive species. WHEW!

Congrats to all the featured shops!


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