Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's August! We're Baaaaack!

We're sewing sewing sewing! We didn't get much done while we were away... vacation was WAY too relaxing. ;) Today was all about robots. We cut out 7 new ones in our old favorite minky colors (red, yellow, green, purple) and new colors (blue, aqua) that Brook bought in LA. Tomorrow Brook is working on new rag quilts and lovey blankets and Joan is sewing up some pretty plushie mermaids... and in the following days... well, just wait and see.

Our store will reopen tomorrow. Yippie!!! It was nice to have a little break, but we are definitely ready to get busy again. Our creativity is bursting! Every time we talk about Snookums & Me we come up with a new idea for something to make. We are having fun with our new creations and look forward to filling the shop with them as the days pass. Hopefully we can sew as fast as Santa's Elves so our shop will be filled in time for Holiday shopping. LOL. :)

Oh hey, if you're curious, just a little FYI: the way Etsy works (especially for newer shops like ours), we will never put a whole bunch of new things in the shop on the same day. We find that spreading out our new items over time to generates more views and attention for our items. :)