Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Work In Progress!

Working out the details on our new batch of robots. Moving things around and trying out different ribbons, dials, arms & legs, etc. This is the fun part for me (Brook) and the not fun part for mom (Joan). Notice we have a one-eyed robot in the works. Also notice our 3 new robots in the shop (Jasper, Mack, and Amelia) during the figuring-things out phase. They look a little different now! :)

Just thought you might like an "insider" look at our creative process. :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


LOL. I am soooo funny. Woah-bots. lololol.


Anyways, I am having a GREAT time uploading all of the new photos of our robots today. Three (3!) new robots have been listed in the shop since yesterday. We are so excited about them. They are soft and huggable, bright and fun! They're my favorite items in the shop.

Here are the new robots at Snookums & Me:

Also, don't forget about our other two robots in the shop... still available for purchase:

Alrighty, better get back to work! Enjoy your Sunday... watching football, sewing, camping, whatever you love to do... hope you're doing it!!! 


Friday, October 15, 2010

Mermaids in October!

Mermaids, people

Could we have picked a LESS fall-ish, halloween-ish, thing to introduce in autumn? No, we could not! LOL!!! But you can't blame us for thinking about bathing beauties year-round since we live in the Sunshine State, Florida. Mermaids are popping up everywhere, so we decided to let them pop up at Snookums & Me, too!!!

We have finally busted out 4 beautiful mermaids for sale. Not kidding... BUSTED out. These pretties take some serious busting to make. Time. Patience. Skill. Mom's (obsessive? compulsive?) attention to detail & craftsmanship really shows when you hold one of these dolls. They are a substantial size and weight because we generously stuffed them in quality fiberfill (we've found that if you don't stuff them firm, after some time they get way too floppy).

Here they are:

I love that each doll is unique. It's fun to think that they have their own personality. In the creation process, they emerge as works of art... one-of-a-kind. One of my favorite things to do is photograph our new toys and after studying them for a minute or two, give them names and a story. :)

Anyways, these are the new mermaids. Some will be posted to our store within the next week or two. Even more are coming... in time. ;)