Saturday, June 11, 2011

Houston, We Have A... On Etsy's Front Page!

Great news!!! We were featured on the front page of Etsy for the second time in Aubepine's amazing treasury: "Houston, We Have A..."

Check it out:

Thanks so much Aubepine!
Check out her shop here: Aubepine on Etsy

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dude, totally... On the Front Page!

Hooray! We've hit the Etsy Front Page for the first time in Amplitude Modulation's treasury, "Dude, totally..."

Check it out:

Thanks so much Amplitude Modulation!
Check out her shop here: Amplitude Modulation on Etsy

Oh What a Busy Day! Also... Personalized Cup Cozies!

Hey everyone!

Good morning! I'm busy working right now, guzzling down my morning mug of coffee while the kids literally bounce off the walls... and couch... and every other bounce-able surface. lol. Pretty soon I'll announce that it's time to go to the library and we'll head out into the Florida heat and humidity. On the way to the library, we're stopping by Grandma's house to pick up the two robots she just completed. I'll bring them home this afternoon and photograph them, edit the photos, and list them in our shop!

Speaking of the library, this is our new favorite book:

The kids and I read it every day. It's such a great book! The illustrations are so detailed and full of delightful things. You could stare at a page for a very long time. I love books like that. Very inspiring and full of color!! Is it just me, or are children's books not as interesting as they used to be? I find myself seeking out vintage books for my kids, the ones I remember, because they seemed to ignite the imagination so much more.

These types of books are just one of the ways I get creative juices flowing. Recently, I stitched up a batch of unique cup sleeves... or cozies, or insulators... whatever you call them. They are cute! And functional, too. I made them to fit a variety of cup and bottle sizes. The straight-sided sleeves are best for bottles or sippy cups. The ones with an elastic enclosure are better for cups that flare outwards, like coffee cups and sippy cups with that shape.

The coolest thing about these cozies is that they have a clear vinyl pocket where you can slide a photo (of your child, a pet, a family member, a friend) or you can write your name or a message on a slip of paper and display it there. These are great for kids cups. It dresses them up and provides identification for situations when labeling a cup is important, like church nursery, playdates, or daycare.

Check 'em out:

You can grab them in our shop: Cup Cozy Sleeves at Snookums & Me

Happy Thursday!

x- Brook

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Non Team Challenge #34 Winners!

Hey guys, it's me, Brook! Just checking in to share the exciting news. After months of participating in the weekly Non-Team Challenges, we've actually won! The Judge, Chronopolis, chose our treasury out of the 231 that were created for the challenge. Awesome! Thanks, Chronopolis!!

This is Chronopolis' gorgeous necklace which inspired the treasury:

Our winning treasury is here:

The best thing is that this week, starting Thursday at noon, one of the items from our shop will be used in hundreds of treasuries! SWEET! :)

To participate, check out the nonteam challenge blog here: Non-Team Challenge. Anyone can join in and make a treasury. :)

Stay tuned for LOTS of new items being added to our shop today!
xo- Brook

Friday, June 3, 2011

Snookums & Me Featured in Etsy's Treasury!

Thanks to the amazing people on Etsy who feature us in their treasuries! Every time we are included in a treasury we'll post it here for you all to see and enjoy. :)

Snookums & Me Treasuries: June 2011

We make treasuries on Etsy! It's one of the best ways to get to know other sellers and see all of the amazing creations & vintage finds on Etsy. These are the treasuries we curated in the month of June. This post will be updated as we create new ones. Think of these as our personal shopping guides and an example of our taste and style. Enjoy!!!