Friday, August 5, 2011

The Robot Couple...

New in the shop today!!! Charlie and Sadie the robots...

 ... and the most snuggly mermaid & chenille baby blanket:

Today I've also been busy with the "other stuff" in our shop: titles, descriptions, shipping, tags, etc. Etsy is constantly improving the listing process and search engine, which means I am constantly having to edit my listings. While this is work for all of us on Etsy, it's worth it!!! By the Holidays it should be so much easier to find what you're really looking for! Yay!

I'm also brightening up our photos so you can get a better look at what we're creating. I discovered that the white-ish quilt I used as a backdrop when we first opened shop had a slight blue hue to it and was causing my photos to look too cool. Then I switched to another white-ish quilt which had dark blue threads through it. I never thought they'd show up since my 50mm lens usually blurs everything (other than the focal point) nicely. BUT! The threads cast shadows in the photos, making the background look too dark. Soooo... I've recently found an OK solution for the time being. Two white foam boards. Ta-da. Smooth white milky backgrounds. :) I know this kind of info is interesting to other sellers on Etsy, so I plan to post something showing how I photographically capture my items.

Well, it's date night for the hubby and me tonight! Totally last minute but definitely MUCH needed. I'm thinking sushi and a movie! :)


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